Max Cooper Live – Fluid Landscapes



Not sure how I missed this new mix from the sainted Max Cooper but I did. It’s a mix done for Clash magazine. But, importantly, its a mix of his own work, which are usually his best mixes. And it’s a while since we had one of those. Free download. I insist you take advantage.

From the original feature on Clash Magazine:…-max-cooper-mix

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a full length “live” mix of just my own material, mainly because I was focused on my album in recent times. But after some new studio additions and work developing new ideas and new experiments, I’ve got enough fresh material to draw on, along with some old, to put together a new live set only composed of my originals, some remixes I’ve done, and I had to include a couple from the Inhuman remix package because there’s some great work on there from Lusine and Rodriguez Jr. among others.

I’ve approached this mix a little more like my live sets of old, keeping it pretty smooth and letting the tracks do the talking, rather than going too heavy on the genre-swapping and BPM-juggling as I have been doing on other mixes recently. There’s still some (hopefully) unexpected moments though of course, a strings solo, some crunchy glitch, backwards Nyatiti, several brand new never heard before tracks, a homemade desolation bootleg of Spastik, my first ever totally analogue tracks (I’ve only recently taken the plunge into the analogue synth world), and two live Jazz improvisation sessions recorded recently in London.

The artwork embedded is made by Andre Britz, who has literally created some “fluid landscapes” works, of which he was kind enough to donate a custom piece for this mix – Thanks Andre! You can find him here:

As a whole, the mix is about being wrapped up in a warm exploration of feelings and landscapes. It will work best with a nice pair of headphones and an open mind. I hope there’s at least some parts in there you enjoy!

1. Max Cooper – TBA1
2. Collaboration – TBA2
3. Max Cooper – Supine – Rodriguez Jr Remix (Fields)
4. Microtrauma – Contrast – Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
5. Max Cooper – Woven Ancestry – Lusine Remix (Fields)
6. Max Cooper feat. Braids – Automaton (Fields)
7. Max Cooper – Automnemonic (Traum)
8. Max Cooper – TBA3
9. Collaboration – TBA4
10. Max Cooper – TBA5
11. Spastik Bootleg
12. Collaboration – TBA6
13. Collaboration – TBA7

TBA – To Be Announced

More Mixes:

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