Ellen Allien – Freak EP


Ellen Allien is one of those Berlin artists that’s only existed on the fringes of my consciousness. Not sure why. Here’s her rather fine new Freak EP and a live set to download.

Freak EP is pitched directly at an Ibiza summer – and none the worse for that. This is uplifting house and tech house music. Butterfly has that dreaminess in the melody that you want in the summer. Freak The Night has more acid presence and a peak time air. Come To Me is the only downer with its distorted air and rave synths that push it into the bucket marked ‘generic EDM’. Shame as the other two tracks are top quality.

Ellen Allien DJSet @ Hund Closing Vicenza 19.04.14

Blurb: The „Freak EP“ is not only the result of the last months in Berlin; it also flags up the change to Ibiza, where Ellen uses the warm season to spray her positive vibe during her residency in DC 10. „Butterfly“ acts like the kick-off and not only host graceful 808 pinpricks, with the dreamy melody in the background a nostalgic aura raises that reveals Ellen’s warmer side. Especially the bass rumble emphasizes the physicality of her music in an impressive manner – in short: pure love. „Come To Me“ is desire and passion within seven and a half minutes. In addition to the deep house frame groovy beats pushes in the foreground that sets free a hypnotic mantra. Spineless dancefloor magic that rewinds time with the haunting rave signal, floating Roland synths and the SH101 raveline. With the title track „Freak The Night Away“, Ellen once more succeeded in creating a hymn that embodies both the slogan of every great night as well as the strong atmosphere of her energetic DJ sets. Again, we hear Ellen’s charming voice – crazy, playful, creative. Following the motto: just go! With rattling claps and a warm bass, dancing won’t become a compulsion; the track clearly goes under the skin with its 303 acid hints as well as Roland piano sounds and opens the gate to another dimension. A stunning release! Happy jubilee!

~ by acidted on July 2, 2014.

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