Beach Disco Sessions Volume 5 (Mixed by Situation)


Beach Disco Sessions. Unimaginative title. That cover. Generic, isn’t it. And that’s a real shame since this new comp on Nang is really rather fine. Though any comp opening with a Weatherall mix is off to a flying start. Perfect summer music to drown out those awful Australians opposite with their barbies and increasing volume as the tinnies get sunk. This comp also includes tracks or remixes from Marshall Jefferson, Prins Thomas and Chris Coco


1: Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Complotto Geometrico (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

2: Situation – Stand Tough (Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye Mix)

3: Escort – Starlight (RAC Remix)

4: Max Essa – Won Ton Sunrise (Kim and Buran Midnight Seeker Remix)

5: Ill Advised – Bubba Bubba

6: Love & Money – Strange Kind of Love (Chris Coco Extended 12″ Mix)

7: JMRS – The Book (Nothing Else) Instrumental

8: Proper Heat – For the Love (Monsoon Season Dub)

9: Kim & Buran – Fly To Sea

10: James Bright feat Melanie Williams – You Send Me

11: Todd Terje – Bodies (Prins Thomas Orgasmatron)

12: Marshall Jefferson Vs Noosa Heads – Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)

13: Situation – Visions (Vampire Disco Dub mix)

14: Hiem – Freaky Nights (DT Freaky Dub)

15: Situation feat Lauren Rimell – Say Goodbye (Max Essa Mix)

Blurb: This summer Nang release their yearly compilation ‘Beach Disco Sessions Volume 5’ mixed by the bright eyed Situation, featuring exclusive and classic tunes from the label and its friends. Nang just turned 5 and on the 30th of June drops its fifth “Beach Disco Session” compilation, mixed this time by former label’s artists Situation. The UK-based producers have carefully chosen 15 records from the present and the past, moving towards different genres and comprising music from the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Chris Coco, Greg Wilson, Justin Martin, Prins Thomas, Max Hessa and Hiem amongst others. ‘Beach Disco Session’ fuses and heterogeneous range of styles, going from the dreamy Nu Disco remix by Andrew Weatherall of Baldelli and DJ Rocca’s ‘Complotto Geometrico, to the Bassy House mix by Justin Martin of ‘Mushroom’, passing through Ill Advised and his acidy uplifting Disco and the relentless groove of Prins Thomas’ remix of Todd Terje. The result is an outstanding collection of music included in one captivating summery mix. For Nang’s collector and compilation lovers “Beach Disco Sessions Volume 5” is due for release on the 30th of June, on digital and physical format, and is surely one to have.

~ by acidted on July 3, 2014.

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