Leav – Naga EP


Hurrah! A new release from Leav. It’s been too long since we had anything from him. Looks like he’s been exploring bass in the meantime.

Naga isn’t the spicy hot chilli of a tune you might expect, it’s a weird house / bass hybrid. The glitched feel makes it more off beat as an opener. This is pushing a long way from his earlier smooth house releases. Ace still has that heavy bass feel but occupies more expected house territory. Pick of the three. Haven goes for a house rave hybrid. This EP is taking Leav off in a different direction. But I’m not sure I particularly like it.

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About:  I’m super thrilled to have Leav back on the label, sharing his first original EP of the year with us, after the brilliant remix he provided for the Lady Maru EP that dropped a couple of months back. The Naga EP is dark, weighty and slightly twisted. Finding itself in the deep/bass-territory. Ranging from the slow pitched title track, coming complete with big toms and raw vocals, to the massive finish that is Haven, these are all accomplished club weapons. Jonas has been busy producing music under a couple of different monikers recently, releasing music on good labels like Ciao Recs and Main.Course, as well as working on setting up his very own label. So we should all be thankfull that he found the time to produce some grimy, Leav-trademarked bass music for us.

~ by acidted on July 5, 2014.

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