Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win


It’s been a good World Cup. But a bit disappointing that Argentina are in the final. None of the games which I’ve watched with them has left a great impression. They’ve done just enough. But perhaps that’s enough. Perhaps I shall support the Germans for the first time since 1990 (though I hope it’s a better game than that one).

In the meantime, a live set from Tim Engelhardt, recorded in Cologne. Free download. This starts off with his melodic deep house sound before ending up in slightly darker, more interesting territory with the unreleased tracks.

Recorded live at Odonien – Koln – Germany.

1. Tim Engelhardt – No Eyes (Amuse Gueule)
2. Tim Engelhardt & Autm – Alfons (Manual Music)
3. Robert Babicz – Black Lion (Tim Engelhardt Remix) (Babiczstyle)
4. Midas 104 & Joshua Jesse – Changes (Tim Engelhardt Remix) (Dantze)
5. Tim Engelhardt & Autm – Soul In Arp (unreleased)
6. Tim Engelhardt – Zeit (unreleased)
7. Tim Engelhardt – Soul Seekers (Amuse Gueule)
8. Tim Engelhardt – Cara (unreleased)

Be sure to check out ‘Alfons’ by Tim Engelhardt & Autm, out now on our Summer Movement 2014 EP

~ by acidted on July 13, 2014.

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