Espada – Alluvial


I loved geography at school. Less keen on the chemistry elements of geology. I was most interested in human geography – or people’s distribution in space. Ribbon settlements, grid systems, river developments. Which brings us to alluvial plans and their attraction for people. The good soils, the flat land. But the risks of flooding. Calling your track after loose unconsolidated soil is therefore a strange thing to do. But that’s what Espada has done with his summery, synthy deep house tune.

Here’s an older tune for free download

Alluvial is released 14th of July 2014. (2 Week Beatport Exclusive)

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~ by acidted on July 15, 2014.

One Response to “Espada – Alluvial”

  1. […] Here’s a remix that improves on the original. Machine For Dreams is an Aussie who does the singer songwriter thing on guitars backed with 808 drums. His track Premonition is much as you’d expect. But Dimentique had the idea of getting it remixed by Espada. […]

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