If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading


Changing direction is a difficult thing. You’re known for one thing with which you become associated and then you go do something different. That wasn’t what we wanted, they cry. Don’t like you anymore, they sulk. Hurray for something different, say others. Tricky, isn’t it.

This is the tack taken by Attaque. We’ve had quite a lot of his stuff over the years. It’s been a Kitsune, Boys Noize assault of techno, with a heavy electro influence. Essex boy Attaque is gearing up for his debut album. And what does he go and do but produce some indie electronica? Only You opens with a bit of acoustic guitar, almost Simon & Garfunkel before breaking out the whoo whoos of a bit of female vocal. Everything’s indie hazy hippy. Beats eventually come to the party but still leaving a soft focus haze. Well, I wasn’t expecting that. This might make the album rather interesting.

And, if you want a reminder of what he sounded like, here’s Moderate (a misnomer if ever I heard one)

Buy it: www.smarturl.it/only-you
Album pre-order: smarturl.it/ONLYOU

The first single taken from Attaque’s debut album ON LY OU

UK/ EU Album release date: 27th October 2014
Germany Album release date: 25th October 2014
Australia Album release date: 24th October 2014

Written and produced by Dominic Gentry
Bad Life Artists 2014

~ by acidted on July 17, 2014.

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