No, not 70s disco groovers (of Boogie Nights fame). An actual heatwave. Have to say I don’t remember there being advice to schools when the temp got above 89 degrees, even in the long hot summer of ’76. But the 70s was a decade so brown that perhaps the advice wasn’t required. Meanwhile, some appropriate tuneage. Appropriately enough from Australia. Yesterday, we had Gavin Campbell as part of the production team on 90s prog house classic Treaty. Today, something bang up to date from Gavin. A new single Saboteur.

Gavin says “I’m still very interested in House music, as a DJ and a producer. I know House well, as I’ve DJed for 30 years now. The first song, The Saboteurs is a straight up, vocal piano House, with my 18 year old family friend Evangline, delivering a sassy, youthful song into the mix. It’s a mature, catchy sound, reflecting my DJ style. I have a variety of House tunes ready to go, each different covering different House styles from deep house to techno, just as my DJ career has covered all manner of styles as well.”

This is good time vocal house. A classic sound used on the original mix but a fine one nonetheless. Comes with a bunch of remixes extending the tune into deep house territory. But the one that works really well is the Jordan Burns remix which goes for an ambient trance sound. Not always a genre that’s my cup of tea but brilliantly done here.



~ by acidted on July 21, 2014.

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