ABC – When Smokey Sings (Rhythm Scholar Debonair Disco Dub)


I don’t know why I took so against ABC. Perhaps it was the acclaim by trendies, perhaps it was the timbre of his voice, perhaps it was simply the gold lame suit. Whatever, they left me cold in the 80s and I’m only allowing this Rhythm Scholar remix because it’s the dub version and because of the cool guitar addition.

If you really want the vocal version, it’s here:

~ by acidted on July 29, 2014.

3 Responses to “ABC – When Smokey Sings (Rhythm Scholar Debonair Disco Dub)”

  1. Gold lame suit aside, I quite like ABC. My favourite album of theirs is ‘How To Be A Zillionaire’, camp and tacky as hell but for that very same reason very enjoyable, plus I loved the heavy sarcasm and satire barely hidden beneath the plasticky production. Never got into ‘The Lexicon Of Love’ that much, though it seems that many rate it as the best album of the 80’s. ‘Alphabet City’ and ‘Beauty Stab’ were both great for different reasons, and the production on ‘Abracadabra’ was top notch even if the songwriting suffered more than a little because of its being shoehorned into the peace-and-love climate of the time. After that I kind of lost interest in them, but I still dig out their early works from time to time. I must stress that I’ve never ever been trendy whatsoever.

  2. ABC is completely new to me, so I have the advantage of not having any preconceived notion going into to this listen. I really like the funk guitar that’s been remixed into this and the harmonic vocals are working for me. In fact, I went to YouTube to find the original song. You can feel the 1980s dripping off it. The remix feels a lot more modern, in my opinion.

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