In the early morning


I write the bulk of the posts for this blog in the early mornings. Trying to see what I can get done before my son wakes up. There’s a particular quality to the light. A yellowness to the early sun, lacking the harshness of later in the day but without the haziness of the end of the day. It really helps that the kitchen, where I sit, faces North East, giving me the best of the light as it plays gently on the brickwork, highlighting the unevenness of texture. This quality really lends itself to the kind of half time pastoral acid that crx091081gb produces. Here’s an untitled beauty.

~ by acidted on July 31, 2014.

One Response to “In the early morning”

  1. Intersting. I tend to write in the evening. i wonder how much time of day affects hearing and blogging

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