The Perfect Kiss


Why not try the following exercises, which are specifically designed to make your lips and facial muscles more supple.

FRONTAL LABIAL STRENGTHENING: Pucker your lips; unpucker. Repeat this 20 times. If you cannot manage it 20 times you can build up to it – but you should be aiming for at least five.

VARIABLE FACIAL CONTORTION: Smile, unsmile, scowl, unscowl, scowl again and go directly to a smile. This is complicated, but for best effects it is essential that the exercise is done in this order. Try to work up to 50 repetitions, but start with at least five. Do not do this on public transport – or where you can be seen by anyone you do not know. Or come to that, do know.

ORAL ENCOURAGEMENT: Purse lips and hum a ‘mmmmm’ sound so that vibration can be felt. This gets the blood flowing to the lips and makes them extra sensitive. This should be done for no more than two minutes. After performing these exercises, gargle with warm water and brush teeth vigorously. Those with false teeth may soak them in a jar.

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Daily Mail eh. Must be true. Meanwhile, try this extended dub mix of Mono Life ft Berri’s The Perfect Kiss which is released in a couple of weeks. Feel the earth move with the juddering bass. Swoon to the winsome ‘lost’ vocals. Surrender to the organ (oooer).

Inevitably, talking of the Perfect Kiss cannot but remind me of New Order. What I hadn’t realised (thanks Wiki) is “”The Perfect Kiss” is a song by the English rock band New Order. It is the first New Order song to be included on a studio album at the same time as its release as a single. The vinyl version has Factory catalogue number FAC 123 and the video has the opposite number, FAC 321.”


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