Back with electro breaks


Electro breaks must mean the label Ground Level (my label of 2012). Been a while since I had anything from them or DJ Hero. Here’s his new three tracker. There’s electro. There’s bass. There’s splashes of rave. There’s day-glo. There’s frenzy and ravist hand waving. There you go.

Here’s the album version of Candy Cruzin

Blurb: The fourth instalment of singles from DJ Hero’s Sophomore album ‘Don’t Say the B-Word’ is a triple header, with the combined forces of Candy Cruizin’, Comfort Zone and Page 136. Candy Cruizin, a tribute to the US candy raver scene, is a laid-back groover full of uplifting chord sequences and acid baselines. Comfort Zone is a peak time monster combining the dark tones of a menacing female vocal and blips and blips , underpinned by heavy 808 beats. Page 136 on the other hand is Miami electro meeting modern electro, quite fitting for a producer who’s just moved back to Florida!

For full streaming previews check Spotify –


~ by acidted on August 7, 2014.

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