I hate Marshall Watson


He’s such a pain. He sneaks stuff out when he thinks no-one’s watching. It’s like I have to stalk him to make sure I know what’s out. Here’s two I nearly missed. It’s hard to get properly cross when he’s producing ambient music of such quality that it makes me want to cry.

Here’s a new ambient track – The Thing Inside – a collaboration with self-confessed mobile geek Atha Fong. There’s a little bit of electronic waves, some almost acoustic plucked guitar, some rippling effects – all combined to produce a tune of staggering beauty. Stop what you’re doing. Press play and then look up from the computer. Watch the trees, watch the clouds, watch the sky, look at the dust motes dancing in the shaft of sunlight. Listen.

The other track is Methodrone Electrodynamic Marshall Watson Remix Edit, of which he only says “My Contribution to the forthcoming Methodrone Single, Electrodynamic, out on Loöq Records 082714.” A more upbeat track, with an almost rock undertone/drone. The original is a more strident track. This remix makes it curl up into a ball. Only a clip so slightly hard to see how it unfolds.


~ by acidted on August 8, 2014.

One Response to “I hate Marshall Watson”

  1. Lovely.

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