Trago Acid Mills


crx091081gb is back with a cassette. A bit kitsch retro I know. But the pastoral acid sounds are classy and it is available on that modern digital malarkey.

For anyone not from the UK, the title of the release may be mysterious. It’s a play on Trago Mills, an odd set of department stores in the South West of England. The Wiki’s worth a read for details of their expansion into building planes and politics. Meanwhile, back with the music, two tracks to listen. First, the low key, plinky plonky title track. A little downtempo gem. Better still is Guilty Pleasure. This is no such thing, starting from small beginnings and building itself up to a proper bit of acid techno workout. Really good track.

Blurb: crx091081gb or Robin Price to his associates, lights a nitric beacon that inflames the cloud cover from Belfast to Liskear and seeds a shower that bathes the Saturday sun of Mammon in neon VCF filter spray. Four tracks of Ye Olde Acid produce a convincing emotional spectrogram.

No quarter is given as the fringe of his Gold cape whips across the warehouse roofs of Chicago and Manchester and his hands shape a grey and black plastic monolith on some desolate tor. We are on our way up there to get spangled.

Aug 14th Release


~ by acidted on August 12, 2014.

One Response to “Trago Acid Mills”

  1. HAHA… Trago Mills and Acid are two things that I never thought I’d see together. Cool post Ted. 🙂

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