Three good things


This fine Saturday it’s time for an irregular round up of tunes to help while away your morning. There’s a bit of everything synth-based here. Authr goes for a sophisticated synth pop, Aphess takes the synth sounds to woozy ambient and Belarbi takes Goldroom to a breathy synth beach house.

Authr claims influences from Bonobo and Four Tet to Phil Collins. This may show an alarming lack of taste in the latter name check but that doesn’t stop Belief from being the kind of synth pop that you can enjoy without ruining your appetite. The synth has a cheery bounce, without cheesiness. And the vocal and syn-guitar give it a little pop stardust. Very cute.

Aphess is Forrest from San Francisco. Cherry is an ultra-chilled analog synth show. The melody tumbles over itself in a slightly out of focus but pleasing way. There’s something a bit Bill Nelson here. And I do like a bit of Bill Nelson. Free download.

Lastly, Belarbi remixes a new Goldroom tune. He says “Goldroom uploaded the vocal stem of his new track before releasing it on the 11th of august. What he called #thepremix. I took my chance and i did my own version.” This is music for when it’s too hot to do anything much. The vocal is lush beyond lush. The tune cuts it back slightly, which is a good thing – before too much sugar ruins your teeth. This leaves music for the beautiful people in beautiful bars downing beautiful cocktails.


~ by acidted on August 16, 2014.

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