New takes on old pots n pans


Drop a load of kitchen utensils and what do you have? Drum and Bass, of course. Worth noting that if you throw them to the floor, rather than drop them, you get Industrial. Here’s a couple of hardcore dnb fee downloads to disturb your Sundy. From the US but owing most to the early 90s UK scene.

Evol Intent are a drum and bass act from Los Angeles. Hardly a hotbed of drum and bass. But they’ve clearly had good UK influences. First, Cognitive Divergence (a method of generating creative ideas), which they describe aptly as “a modern exploration into the late 90s tech era of drum and bass.” This has all the hallmarks of 90s darkcore drum and bass. It’s all gallop and battering bass and drums. Suitable samples peppere throughout. Rave stabs aplenty. Not subtle but good.

Secondly, Evol Intent collaborate with Eye-D on Jim Skynner. This sounds more US in that it has some similarities to the overwhelming distorted bass approach of US dubstep. But faster. This is less subtle, and noisy to the point of cacophony.

Blurb: “From the depths of the nastiest swamps of the dirty south emerges a sinister, brooding serial killer of a tune called ‘Jim Skynner’. When not duping the fine citizens of the city into buying automobiles at unbeatable prices, Jim Skynner spends time axing his unsuspecting victims with heavy bass (don’t confuse it with the fish yall) and chopping them into pieces with his relentless punchy drums. Use this murderous tune to turn any dance floor into a war zone.”

Evol Intent:



~ by acidted on August 17, 2014.

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