The Science of Noize


A new release from Slighter, The ViP EP, which makes a drum and bass assault on some of the tracks from his Science of Noise LP. Plus a free download.

The ViP EP is based on the old drum and bass Variance in Production idea of alternative versions of tracks. There are two heavy roller versions of album tracks plus US drum and bass duo Arsenic provide a remix. It’s out on 26 August.

First up, the unreleased track that accompanies the EP. The Science of Noise album was a real audiophiles album, with its ability to move from ambient through breaks and into drum and bass in an almost seamless way (review and exclusive interview here). Cosmic Origins is very much a ‘lost’ track from the album. It’s tough drum and bass, with a bit of Slighter’s breaks tendency. But there’s enough space and melody in which to revel at the universe. Lovely track.

How have the remixed tracks fared? On the album Convulse was a neo-industrial track. This ViP remix takes that as a starting point and drives it hard in a drum and bass direction whilst maintaining the aural assault of the track. Almost too much. Wrecked was another hefty album track with a breaks style. It fares better in the ViP remix stakes, aiming for a club dance floor and never taking its eyes off that prize. This one virtually demands you play it with flashing strobes and loads of dry ice. Things not readily available in my kitchen. Finally, the remix from Arsenic. This retains a large amount of vocals, dumps the sleazy guitar and takes on a journey that’s something like Metalheadz meets NiN.

Finally, have an instrumental version of the original of Convulse for free download.

Blurb: Noctem Audio and Slighter team up to bring you brand new remixes from the ‘Science Of Noise” album Slighter released earlier this year! This is pure Drum & Bass mayhem, complete with a heavy remix from Arsenic and a brand new, previously unreleased tune, “Cosmic Origins”!

“Convulse” gets a complete face lift and turned up into a screeching instrumental Drum & Bass destroyer. relentless and tough! “Wrecked” has been re-rubbed into a deep roller, complete with menacing sub bass and stripped back vocals. Still pounding with energy, this should appeal to the Metalheadz and RAM records fans!

“Convulse” gets beaten and bruised with Aresnic’s twisted vocal tweaks and atmospheric break downs. Another heavy dose of Drum & Bass that doesn’t disappoint! “Cosmic Origins” closes out the EP with a slice of Sci-Fi Drum And Bass, full of swelling melodic lines and heavy bass, surrounded by next level sound design from Slighter!



~ by acidted on August 18, 2014.

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