The Conscious Bowel

The Conscious Bowel sounds like a nu-metal band. But it’s from the video above which has a brilliant sequence of the intensely serious discussion that can occur when people have a comedown from naughty substances. Apparently.

Though, this post isn’t without pain, since the accompanying email said “as an oldskool aficionado, I’d love to get your feedback. The oldskool rave community is important to us and we want to tell a story they will enjoy.” Oh dear. Being talked down to by a younger generation. Anyhow, must go. The nurse needs to give me my meds and I need to tell her that I’ve soiled myself. Again.

Oh. And a final thing (bit of a senior moment there), here’s some Ravey Davey waviness from the video’s director


~ by acidted on August 21, 2014.

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