You know what’s interesting…


Verbal tics. One of mine is to say “You know what’s interesting…” to which my sister will archly interject “I think I’ll be the judge of that.” Siblings pfft! Anyway, You know what’s interesting about Lignum Vitae? You may know that it’s Latin for tree of life, you may know that it’s a slightly obscure but salacious term for a penis, and you may even know that it was the wood used for police truncheons. But did you know that it was used by John Harrison for the bearings and gears in his marine chronometers? Oh. You don’t think that’s interesting. How about some quality house from OdD instead?

We’ve had some house from OdD before, but since it’s such an unGoogleable artist name I can’t find a link. But trust me on this one. OdD are Damian Daley & Danny Dixon. The Photosynthesize EP is a split affair with OdD providing a track and a remix, with Barac providing the same. Each track is named after flowers from their native backgrounds of Jamaica and Romania.

OdD’s track is Lignum Vitae. It’s a gorgeous piece of spectral house and easily the best thing here. It breezes around, with a lightness and fleetness of foot. Barac’s remix ups the beats and gives it a primitive dance feel. Barac provides Leontopodium (a sort of alpine daisy, which also appears on Romanian stamps). This a more percussive, fractured sort of tune. One to admire, rather than especially enjoy. OdD’s remix retains the original’s fractured nature but takes it into a woozy outer space and almost beyond the bounds of house music.

And if you liked that, this podcastfor Datatransmission (free download):


~ by acidted on August 21, 2014.

3 Responses to “You know what’s interesting…”

  1. I think that is interesting.

  2. ‘you may know it’s a slightly obscure but salacious term for a penis..’

    No, I didn’t. But I’m slightly concerned that you did.

  3. […] EP. This is the first time they’ve featured here since last summer’s willy referencing Lignum Vitae. Opener Drum Technology is a lovely piece of minimal techno, with a focus on the beats but not to […]

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