Dopest Dope Space

kersaint space

This has been out a few weeks but was too good not to post. Nathan Kersaint’s Space EP is a bit tech house, quite a lot techno but includes something indefinably original.

Space starts in a tech house style but the addition of the sampled vocal and the bouncing bass takes it to a place more deeply techno. The track gets a more conventional tech house remix from Eskuche, and an altogether better remix from Agent! which gives it some deep, deep tech minimal funk. The other original track is Deepest Dope. This is an altogether trippier experience. There are twisted house vibes here, with a synth line that reaches for the sky and some beautiful dub (dope). The also comes with two remixes. Nu Sky gets an Afro tech thing going but is so keen on the groove that it slightly forgets melody. Laora’s Light Mix almost wants to be a dub techno version but doesn’t quite find the courage of its convictions. For the original tracks alone this deserves your attention.

And if you liked that, try this live mix


~ by acidted on August 23, 2014.

2 Responses to “Dopest Dope Space”

  1. It’s always a pleasure to follow your blog and find some music that’s really new to me. And Nathan Kersaint is awesome good. Thank you for introducing me to this kind of music. Walter

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