Messi shoots and scores, A hundred thousand came


So, The Vinyl Villain has been having The James Singles as a series. I really liked them for a brief period around Gold Mother in the early 90s but they were too wordy for me and Tim Booth’s eco warrior thing grated. But with Sit Down and Come they had a pair of classics. Surprised that they are still going with 2014’s La Petite Mort. Here’s a single – Curse Curse – from the album which has been remixed by Mono Life. The original harks back to that looser dancier sound of theirs and the remix capitalises on that.

As you might work out from the album title, it’s a sex-obsessed album and Curse Curse is no different. The original opens with a bit of rave stabs and buzzing electronic bass before Tim’s voice growls sexual frustration all over it. Mono Life’s remix uses the rave intro but extends it and takes the vocal to a more spectral echoed place. This allows the tune some space in which to develop and reach for the sky.

Mono Life remix


Album out now on CD and LP – pick it up at, Amazon:, or your friendly local record store.


~ by acidted on August 23, 2014.

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