Days Of Elijah in D minor


And, so to bed. To aid a restful sleep, here’s another elegant piano composition from Luke Laughlin. This isn’t quite the parlour room piece its first half might imply, electronics find their way into the final section making it veer in Max Cooper’s direction. It’s also not quite the serene piece it might seem, since Luke said he wrote it after losing his grandmother and that “I was inspired by everyone’s ending as an individual and as a whole. When we realize that time only exists in this dimension and none other.” Free download.

This beautifully crafted piano piece with soft tones, crafted melodies and an elegant sway is sure to please.
Played live by Luke himself in his personal studio.
Its yours free so grab it!

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~ by acidted on August 24, 2014.

2 Responses to “Days Of Elijah in D minor”

  1. really pretty piece. if this was in fact played live, Luke certainly has a phenomenal sense of time. the transition to the electronic end of the song worked, but it didn’t work excellently for me.. if i download this i’ll probably split it for two separate listens though as they’re enjoyable on their own.

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