Adult Baby – Overdue EP


Trip hop may have a passé coffee table reputation. But done well it can still offer soothing listening pleasures. Try this new Overdue EP from Adult Baby, out now on Blueshift Records, to show how it can deliver proper chills.

Dunno who Adult Baby is, other than he’s from Edinburgh. And I wasn’t going to Google “Adult Baby” for fear of what I would find*. Musically, we’re in the dreaded “cinematic trip hop” zone – the graveyard of many an artist. But this is a great EP. The mood is chilled, jazzy and a little bit dubby. This doesn’t have the angst of someone like Portishead but has a relaxed and casual air of Bonobo mixed with the guitar work of Turin Brakes.

Purple is self-confident enough to add a little flute to the hip hop breaks and jazz noir mood. Esperanza stays noir, with jazz trumpet the extra element. Buried Treasure is lose and relaxed with violin to tug on the heartstrings. A View Home is where the Turin Brakes comparison works best. Slow guitar offers a Western perspective. The EP closes with How Do You Feel, a sampladelic pleasure. Perfect music for a grey, rainy morning.

Buy: Juno

* – ok, so I did google it. I mean really! Srsly. You people are weird.


~ by acidted on September 3, 2014.

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