Kaiser Souzai Competition

Shirt + Vinyl

To celebrate Kaizer Souzai’s new 1976 EP, I’ve a competition to win a KS T shirt or a red vinyl 12″ copy of the EP.

What does 1976 mean to you? Were you even born then? For me, 1976 is a special year. It’s the Innsbruk Winter Olympics and Montreal Summer Olympics, IRA bombs in London, Direct Rule in Northern Ireland, Harold Wilson resigns as PM, and Frampton Comes Alive is the top selling album. For me, much, much more important than any of these was the summer heatwave and drought in the UK, together with the start of punk. A kind of year zero. It embedded in my mind the function of summer holidays as being periods of unbroken sun. And it’s where music for me starts. Growing up in a house without music, punk was truly revolutionary and I adopted it’s scorched earth policy of not listening to anything before 1976, denouncing it all as ‘hippy’.

Kaizer Souzai are a Berlin duo, who appeared here last year with their majestic cover of Man With A Red Face, originally by Laurent Garnier. They have since remixed Booka Shade.

My 1976 may be centred in punk’s scorched earth. Kaiser Souzai’s 1976 takes a completely different approach. They recognise that Frampton Comes Alive was #1 album. They are coming from a cosmic disco starting point but there’s something quite space rock about the banks of synthesisers. It’s almost using that tortured guitar sound that people like Hawkwind used – surely the ultimate in hippies. Hardly surprising that KS name check a rollcall of those counter-revolutionaries Mike Oldfield, Cream, Yes, Genesis, Pekka Pohjola (who?), Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons. Although it’s a bit of a shock to the system, you can’t deny it’s brilliantly put together and a properly uplifting experience.

Remixes come from Maverickz and Olivier Giacomotto. Neither quite have the vision of the original. The Maverickz remix puts it back on a house style pedestal before dialing the synths down and taking it on a tech house trip. Olivier Giacomotto keeps some of the strangled guitar sound but weaves in a darker ‘before the storm’ techno feel. A bit like my beloved punk coming to blow these 70s dinosaurs away.

The Competition: All you have to do is describe your 1976 in 14 words or less. Leave a comment on this post or send an email to acidtedblog[at]googlemail[dot]com. Easy eh! You have a week for entries and I’ll pick a winner.

OUT NOW: www.beatport.com/release/1976/1336887

~ by acidted on September 4, 2014.

3 Responses to “Kaiser Souzai Competition”

  1. New life: left home, started education, old music died, new wave appeared

  2. Constant skint knees, tank tops , action man and Mrs Sefton’s magic propelling pencil

  3. […] or 1981, for those who prefer Arab numerals. Five years on from 1976. It’s the new single from Berlin duo Kaiser […]

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