The Conservatory Experiment


Brizzle folks The Conservatory Experiment got in touch about their new LP. Left a message on my contact page, even though it gives my email. I don’t usually bother with such things but did this morning. It’s rather good in an ambient dub kind of way.

I’m rather hard pressed this week, so posts will be short. Suffice to say that they claim “Their influences range from Floyd, Orb, FSOL to Source Direct, Fanu and a million other places.” Dunno about Fanu but there’s definitely some Orb and Floyd in the use of dubs and guitar. There’s also FSOL in the use of abstract noise. Occasionally, it could do with a bit of editing and quality control. But for a “name your price” release it’s worth your time. Try Eastern Gateway and Wubbed Up The Wrong Way in particular if the Orb were your bag.

And, a more recent tune, with a more FSOL flavour is Get Your Own Spirit Guide (free download):

~ by acidted on September 8, 2014.

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