Skew & Satirist – Morphogenesis



New Max Cooper. He explains:

Sometimes I turn up to a gig for my 6am slot, and the room is pitch black, deafening, and sweat is dripping off the roof, and I think, hmm, what should I play?

A lot of my solo tracks aren’t quite right for this sort of atmosphere, so I’ve been working on a new project designed more for dark sweaty holes in which we like to spend our weekends.

It’s a collaboration with someone I have been working with for many years, who is releasing under the new name – Satirist. The first vinyl + digital release coming next week on Berlin’s Killekill label. No pretty melodies this time. The name I will be releasing this work under is – SKEW (because it’s a bit off).

You can hear the rest of the EP here:

You can find the new Satirist facebook page here:

I won’t be making any new pages for my Skew project, as I think there are already enough facebook artist pages out there in the world.

release date:
08.09.2014 (vinyl exclusively on…/Killekill-Records
15.09.2014 (digital and rest of the world for vinyl)


~ by acidted on September 9, 2014.

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