Kaiser Souzai competition winners

Shirt + Vinyl

To celebrate the release of Kaiser Souzai’s 1976, I asked you to describe 1976 in 14 words or less. My thanks to all those that entered. The winners were selected by Mrs Ctel and are:

Drew who wins the 12″ of 1976 for:

Constant skint knees, tank tops , action man and Mrs Sefton’s magic propelling pencil

I asked about Mrs Sefton and Drew says “Mrs Sefton was an Angel. My writing was atrocious all over the page, I couldn’t keep it on the lines. Mrs Sefton allowed me to use her stainless steel Parker propelling pencil if I could keep my words on the lines. Strange the things that stay with you.”

And Pete Shuttleworth who wins the Kaiser Souzai T-shirt for:

Bloomin ladybirds everwhere, tennis rocked, Cleethorpes flooded and rock n roll was revived…”

He adds “I wandered into an Acid House Night at Southampton’s Escape Club in 88… The DJs had been to Ibiza with the Brighton Escape Club DJs that summer……  Inside after an hour I RAN TO A PHONE BOX… To tell my mate to get his arse down there… A Tuesday I think. It was b4 the media got hold if Acid so I had to explain… all I could think of was “Imagine Talking Heads, New Order and Pink Floyd had babies”……    Glasters 89… The Hacienda. Grimsby’s Customs Nightclub which I believe was the first legal rave allniter in the country, beating Coventry by a couple of months…. The area had a history of all nighters with Cleethorpes Pier and Winter Gardens soul and funk events, where I cut me teeth as a 14 yr old… BUT the Old bill who granted licences made the mad as fook rule that at 2am it was everybody out, then back in through the fire escape…. Luckily none of us drank alcohol…. The owner the local “dodgy” solicitor whose clients were all innocent copied his punters and visited the Hacienda….. After that the water in the bogs was turned off and Mancunians with a dog and gun was somehow posted in the loo….. 

~ by acidted on September 17, 2014.

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