Sound Of Sheffield Vol. 03


I know we had some The Black Dog yesterday but here’s some more. Not out until October, here are previews for Sound of Sheffield Vol. 03. Darker than yesterday’s offering, this is music for dank, clanking clubs and dungeons.

Pre-order here

And if that’s not enough a free download of their latest radio show

Blurb: Vol. 03 of The Black Dog’s Sound Of Sheffield takes a twist in tone but still has its eye clearly on the dance floor, crafting sounds taken from around their studio in Sheffield.

This release delivers two brand new cuts and a live version taken from Trouw. Fraction Slide is built for the darkest of dance chambers: mind bending bass and drums that hit you in the head while the lead synth leaves a dirty 8-bit wound. In contrast, Riser takes tBd’s work with strings, bass and grooves back to early SoYo with sounds explored by the likes of The Human League and Heaven 17.

Fraction Slide Live @Trouw is taken from a set they are constantly asked to release, recorded downstairs on a massive sound system with no lights, it leaves you with no doubts.

~ by acidted on September 20, 2014.

One Response to “Sound Of Sheffield Vol. 03”

  1. you can never have too much Black Dog

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