Chillin Music is 10


What does the word “Chill” mean to you? Something too laid back to dance? Beatless? Ambient? Yoga mat music? When it’s good it’s more diverse than any of those. To celebrate 10 years, Chillin Music is putting out a comp that sets out its stall around a soft danceable house music. I’ve got an exclusive of the best track on the album – Shake & Freak – from Rob Slac (plus a free download of the original) and an hour long mixtape of the album, also by Rob Slac.

Chillin Music is Florida-based which may explain the focus on sunshine music. But it works really well elsewhere, as the UK  contemplates the onset of autumn and cold, wet days. For your listening pleasure, here’s Rob Slac’s Shake & Freak which appears here as a remix from the UK’s Chris James. Birmingham-based Chris offers a funkified house version, with that recognisable future bass undertow. Works great in my kitchen and would better in a club.

Here’s a free download of the original track, which is a lot more techy

And do listen to this hour long mixtape of the album by Rob Slac

Blurb: Chillin Music’s 50th release “10 Years of Chillin Music” a 16 track EP hits Stores soon! As things warm up, and can’t seem to get any hotter, one may be curious about a mysterious cool breeze that’s suddenly, refreshingly flowing through the air. To many this may be a surprise, but to the Chillin Music label who — by no coincidence — are celebrating their ten year anniversary, it was something they knew all along when they took the temperature of the dance climate and declared: “let there be chill.” They have the science of keeping it cool down pat and over their decade of releasing quality house music they’ve worked with some truly heavyweight artists. Until now, they hadn’t re-released any tracks or put together a compilation, but on this special occasion they present their first collection — 10 Years of Chillin Music. This new report, featuring some exclusive, unreleased tracks, looks to be just as equally refreshing to the dance community.


~ by acidted on September 24, 2014.

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