Stranded in Miami


Let’s be honest here. I’ve never been stranded in Miami. Hell, I’ve never even been to Miami. That’s, like, in America. I see’d it on the telly. I watched Burn Notice. Gotta love Michael. There’s lots of explosions and loud Latin-influenced music. And beer. People seem to drink a lot of beer. Except for the old people. They don’t. They retire and go around in buggies. Or is that the golfers. Searching for their small balls they get eaten by the crocs. The snappy ones, not the shoes. In the Everglades. Muse on that with minimal house from PRES. It’ll help. Rilly. Free download. Srsly.


~ by acidted on October 1, 2014.

2 Responses to “Stranded in Miami”

  1. Only been to Miami once – I think your impressions gleaned from “Burn Notice” are pretty spot on, minus the explosions. Although some stuff does occasionally blow up, I s’pose.

  2. […] new remix from PRES. This is of Odesza, previously unknown to me. Seems to be a release on Counter Records (an imprint […]

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