Every Man And Woman Is A Star


You might recognise “Every Man And Woman Is A Star” as the title of Ultramarine’s perfect pastoral techno release from 1991. Twenty-three years later it still sounds wondrous and remains under-rated. Its diversion from the pumping 4/4 beats of the time meant it remained an after-club pleasure. It never quite got the recognition it deserved as one of the electronic albums of the decade. But it’s now getting a vinyl re-release next month courtesy of Rough Trade.

Have a listen to the opening two tracks of the album and tell me this isn’t a mellow pleasure:

Sadly, they’ve decided to go with a new album cover (the original 92 RT cover is at the top of this post).



“This record is an undiscovered masterpiece; no one else has ever fused the Canterbury sound with electronica in such a warm and human way. Englishness at its most inventive.” -Geoff Travis, Rough Trade

Rough Trade Records are excited to announce the reissue of Ultramarine’s pioneering electronic album Every Man And Woman Is A Star. Acclaimed and respected at the time of its original release (initially on Brainiak Records in 1991 and then in expanded form in 1992 on Rough Trade), it now stands as a classic of its genre, an electronica record made before the term was coined.

Every Man And Woman Is A Star will be available on Double Vinyl format with an additional Bonus 12” Vinyl of the 1992 John Peel Session and Digital Download. Ultramarine are: Ian Cooper and Paul Hammond.   Music writer Simon Reynolds neatly described the album in his book Energy Flash as: “Perhaps the first and best stab at that seeming contradiction-in-terms, pastoral techno… all sun-ripened, meandering lassitude and undulant dub-sway tempos… like acid-house suffused with the folky-jazzy ambience of the Canterbury scene.”

This reissue includes additional John Peel Session tracks available for the first time and recorded in 1992, featuring the tracks; “Saratoga”, “Nova Scotia”, “Honey” and “Pansy”. 

Ultramarine has confirmed UK shows, plus in-stores in London for November. Keep an eye on their dates here: http://ultramarine.uk.com    Visit http://everymanandwomanisastar.com/  to see a taste of a specially commissioned short film by producers The Mitcham Submarine. The film’s soundtrack was composed with different tracks, parts and flavors from across this album and it’s made it onto this year’s Official Selection at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival which runs November 6-9 in York England.   FULL ALBUM TRACK LISTING: 1. Discovery 2. Weird Gear 3. Pansy 4. Honey 5. Stella 6. British Summertime 7. Saratoga 8. Geezer 9. Nova Scotia 10. Panther 11. Lights In My Brain 12. Gravity 13. Canoe Trip 14. Skyclad   BONUS 12″:   A1 – Saratoga (PEEL SESSION)  A2 – Nova Scotia (PEEL SESSION) B1 – Honey (PEEL SESSION)  B2 – Pansy (PEEL SESSION)

website: http://ultramarine.uk.com

twitter: @um_ultramarine

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  1. Saw these guys on the tour where they opened for Orbital at the long-defunct Limelight in NYC. I went to buy their album at Tower the next day, so impressed was I with their sound. I still keep it in my rotation today and agree with everything said about its lasting value. A true masterpiece from pioneers of the downtempo sound.

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