Delayed Theatre of Delays delayed no more

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A couple of Theatre of Delays remixes for your listening pleasure. A Caribou remix to lighten the start of the working week or a Thom Yorke remix if you want a miserable start to the week.

For once, I’m going to try to be positive, enjoy the flower and let’s have the Caribou remix. This is deep, deep sounds and bass contrasted with soft vocals and thrumming synths. A tune of big drum longing. Lovely.

love it on hypem:…e+Of+Delays+Remix%29

Buy the new Caribou – Album here:

As a contrast, here’s Thom Yorke, a man that makes me look like Mr Happy. Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes has the twittererse aflutter with its release on BitTorrent. But Interference is broken electronics and the usual maudlin moans – “The ground may open and swallow us. In an instant. An instant.” Thanks Thom. This remix keeps all the broken bits and gives it the semblance of a tune. One to admire, rather than love.

love it on hypem:…e+Of+Delays+Remix%29

Buy the new Thom Yorke – Album here:…e9d514059ab63

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~ by acidted on October 6, 2014.

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