Karizma presents Beats & Bobs Vol.2


Karizma’s Beats & Bobs Vol.1 was one of those unexpected pleasures from a couple of months back. It mixed Detroit techno with deep house into a dubbed out pleasure. Vol.2 is out at the end of this month and available for pre-order now. The blurb talks about “raw beats” but that’s just wrong. There’s nothing raw about this. It’s a bit more afro beat than Vol.1 but Klearcut manages that neat trick of being both soothing and making you want to move your feet. Earth These Beats even has a bit of 90s nostalgia, with use of the funky drummer sample.

If you liked that, check out this in session thingie for Mixmag (free download here).

Artist: Karizma
Title: “BEATS & BOBS VOL.2”
Label: R2 Records
Genre: House / Electronic
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 27th OCTOBER 2014

Karizma’s “Beats & Bobs” series of raw beats and basement edits continues with 2 more killah kuts from the Karizma vaults.

Klearkut has the trademark steady yet infectious build up of groove that Karizma works so well, overlaid with multi-textured percussive and melodic stabs and flows. Part house, electronic, afro, tech – it’s essentially impossible to categorize.

Earth These Beats sees Karizma return to beat-workout-tool territory with this 10 minute exploration of the many ways to flip a beat. Hypnotic bliss.


~ by acidted on October 7, 2014.

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  2. […] had volumes one and two back last year. Here’s the third volume being released as a freebie on Karizma’s […]

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