Global Soundscapes V1 with a new Slighter track


There’s a new Slighter track out as part of a new Global Soundscapes compilation.

The new Slighter track – Lost Out There – is an atmospheric, crunchy bit of IDM ambient. A little piano gives it humanity amongst the machine noises and crackles.

The rest of the comp is a varie set of chilled, breaks and prog house tunes. Of these, look out for Wolftek’s lovely ambient drum and bass tune Ancients, and Jarius Miller’s chilled breaks tune Bury Me In Space. A comp of nuggets, rather than consistent quality.

And if you’re after free downloads, try this mix of the tunes on the comp:

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The first in a new compilation series, Global Soundscapes V1 features the latest top class progressive, chill out and atmospheric music. High quality established artists are joined by the best of the new crew of underground producers. An exclusive selection of these tracks have been featured on a pre-compilation Global Soundscapes promo mix from Chris Sterio & Tim Mills due to be aired on the Source of Gravity Proton Radio late September…check for more details!


~ by acidted on October 14, 2014.

One Response to “Global Soundscapes V1 with a new Slighter track”

  1. Unrelated to your post and sorry for that but may I acknowledge the sad and untimely passing of LFO’s Mark Bell last week. Thought it should be mentioned. Hope that’s okay.

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