Stonefox – Heart


Mellow indie pop isn’t really my thing. But this tune breached my defences. It’s not the fragile vocals that did it but the interplay between strummed acoustic guitar and the steel (?) guitar. Delicately beautiful. Free download.


Ambient new entrants to the Melbourne indie-pop scene, Stonefox, have just released its emotional new single “Heart” at The Northcote Social Club. “Heart” is built from the ethereal female vocals, a folk-style rhythm track, lush harmonies and clean lead lines that are reminiscent of The XX’s reverb drenched guitars. “If the wind blew left and you ran right, even your pounding heart wouldn’t stop the fright of your legs giving way, at the end of the race,” sings Jenna Russo. The emergence of heart throbbing bass pedals, electronic samples and deep synth notes provide the essence of growing electronica that bursts from the outro in ‘Asgeir’ fashion. When the simple track opens up to an infectious ‘London Grammar’ style riff, the song is rich with organic and electronic textures that counterpart it’s delicate opening. After Stonefox self produced its intimate debut “All I Want” at the tender age of eighteen years old, the young Melbourne trio received international praise for its charming emotional honesty and mastery of simplistic production. 

New single from Stonefox – ‘Heart’
(Made live 17/10/14)

~ by acidted on October 23, 2014.

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