I know how much you love our North American Halloween fest


It’s All Hallows’ Eve tomorrow and Slighter, from whom the post title is taken, seems to think that I have something against the way the US version of Halloween has been adopted in this country. As if I would have called it “That insidious creeping American festival.” or even “It’s those damned Yankees again with their trick or treating (aka legitimised begging/extortion).” Let’s enjoy the simple pleasures of trick or treating tomorrow with a new spooky drum and bass collaboration between Slighter and Wolftek.

The track is a free download. It combines some of Wolftek’s delicate drum and bass with some of Slighter’s harder breaks styles with a bunch of piano in-between. It resists the temptation to douse the result in Freddie samples and is the better for it.

or download lossless from bandcamp



~ by acidted on October 30, 2014.

One Response to “I know how much you love our North American Halloween fest”

  1. Ahh, Halloween – promoting childhood obesity and rotting teeth in the US for decades. What a wonderful tradition, just as the pagans intended.

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