Iteration Corporation


Recently Iteration Corporation launched a satellite probe which like many of its predecessors adhered to standard manufacturing practices during initial phases of planning and design. During rigorous trial and testing phases following construction based on what have now become widely accepted methodologies, it was realized however that there was a fundamental hinderance to the ergonomics of this design based on excessive human logic that could only be corrected by the introduction of a revolutionary new framework inclusive of newly discovered, emergent and self-evolving technologies which were repeatedly incorporated into the design using patented fractal scaling techniques. As such, traditional methodologies are analyzed from nonlinear timescales and non-logical-deductive-frameworks by the following: Utilizing hyperspace geometric algorithms designed to provide biofeedback to nanoscopic, modular components, the basic structure is designed to invariably self-improve, adaptive to increasingly unknown conditions as the probe moves further and further from its home environment gradually developing and evolving its own unique self-awareness. We at the Iteration Corporation invite you to observe the current position along this trajectory along with the data transmitted back to us at the following link: 

Thank you for your Interest in Iteration Corporation – Implementing continuous adaptive solutions for a changing world. 

Those kerazy Cannucks. Think ambient techno and deliberately soulless electronica.

~ by acidted on October 30, 2014.

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