La Dolce Luca: Pt5


Here we are with the last of the Luca blog recommendations. It’s for Et Musique Pour Tous, of which Luca says:

It says ‘Space Age Bachelor Pad Music’: enough to keep you away from it, I guess. Still it does post good tunes, of the poppier variety. Extremely wordy, though.

It is an odd blog. Of itself it says “Et Musique Pour Tous is a boutique creative group specializing in music culture and branding for hospitality and retail brands.  EMPT is committed to providing insightful writing, reviews and highly curated music. Our commitment is to uncompromising quality, not traffic. The site is updated daily and is among the select group of trendsetters in the blogosphere. We work non-stop around the clock to have the latest and greatest, this way our visitors hear it before the people who hear it first. For the most part we stray from the typical Top 20’s etc, unless it’s a good song that is.”

So far, so annoying. Let’s try some writing and music. A recent post with a lovely downtempo tune attached:

Badbadnotgood just keeps getting better and better. Notorious for their boundary-pushing and genre-fucking ways, these guys are are absolutely killing it these days. Not your typical jazz conservatory grads, this Toronto-based trio (Matthew Tavares on keys, Chester Hansen on bass, and Alexander Sowinski on drums) initially garnered attention with their bad-ass jazz interpretative stylings of some popular hip-hop tracks and they’ve gone on to collaborate with artists such as Ghostface Killah, Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean just to name a few. They released their third album III earlier this year– their studio work is pretty damn spectacular, but let it be known that their live set is where the real alchemical shit goes down (improvisation, yo)…

BBNG’s sound is impossible to define (duh) but my best attempt right here right now is something along the lines of ‘jazz-informed harmonic bliss infused with experimental hip-hop-y beats with a dash of post-bop electronica and some punk-ass virtuosic fusion vibes’. In other words, there are no words. Only listening to be done.

On that note, BBNG + Kaytranada = magic. Not a remix, but a flip. Pretty aptly named in my opinion.

Buy III by BADBADNOTGOOD on itunes


~ by acidted on November 2, 2014.

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  1. Thank you for guesting me on your blog, Ctel.

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