Radioactive Man


Been a bit too much downtempo recently. Need to get back to some machine music. Here’s the new single from Radioactive Man (sometime Weatherall collaborator Keith Tenniswood). Out in early December but you can have a preview now.

Mechanical Music Menace isn’t the techno, metal bashing assault you might imagine. It’s more restrained than that. A bit Krautrock, a bit late 90s TLS but altogether more acoustic in some way. The thrumming guitar leads against the hollowed out beats. Synths ripple without being crowded out. Perfect late night city driving music. Highly recommended.


Full track

Blurb: Mechanical Music Menace levels the floor. Beaming into the stratosphere, live bass pulsates through the system as man and machine fuse, xylophone keys take front and centre taking us beyond the stars.

Unshaken in his vision, Keith Tenniswood is an artist who’s emotive electronic music, and ethos has seen him lorded as an innovator and machine funk specialist. As long term collaborator to Andrew Weatherall in their now defunct Two Lone Swordsmen guise, and with his continual sonic experiments as Radioactive Man he mans a landscape of music without rules or boundaries.

Keith Tenniswood’ debut EP on Reinhardt will be released on 180g vinyl on December 8th, with a full digital release to follow in early 2015.

~ by acidted on November 6, 2014.

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