Le Bal des vampires


A quicky post for your Saturday night. Here’s a live DJ set  from the Micronauts for free download. Have a look at the track list. There’s some real quality tunes and put together in a coherent flow.

Live recording of The Micronauts DJ set during the party “Le Bal des vampires” at Nüba in Paris, 31 October 2014.

Track ID:
MIRROR PEOPLE “Kaleidoscope (Psychemagik Remix)” (Discotexas 2013)
JIMMY & FRED “Red (Locked Groove Remix)” (Exploited 2014)
FRAMEWERK “Lose It (Darko Milosevic Remix)” (Capital Heaven Digital 2013)
KACPER KOSTECKI “True Story (Kobana Remix)” (Dopamine Music 2013)
GET CLOSER “My My My” (Emma Music 2013)
HEYDAY “Future Soul” (Mena Music 2013)
JAMIE JONES “Cookie Monster” (Hot Creations 2013)
CATZ EATS DOGZ “Evil Tram” (Pets 2013)
PATRICK TOPPING “Forget” (Hot Creations 2014)
FLAUNT Feat. MISHAL MOORE “Fidelity” (Anticodon 2014)
HOWSON’S GROOVE “Body & Soul (Original mix)” (Chasing Unicorns 2014)
SHAROOZ “Terminvs” (Lektroluv 2014)
KASTIS TORRAU Feat. AMBER LONG “Menace (Original Mix)” (Stripped 2014)
CHATY, TAMEZ, GABRIEL I “My Escape (Dave Seaman Remix)” (Selador 2014)
SUPER FLU & MONKEY SAFARI “Me Roar (Format: B Remix)” (Monaberry 2014)
HARVEY MCKAY “Lost” (Drumcode 2013)
GARY BECK Feat. DEBRA DEBS “Power” (Bek Audio 2014)
PIRUPA “Get Lost (Original Mix)” (Snatch! 2014)
RIVA STARR “Voice Of God” (Snatch! 2014)
MODEK “Clown In My Kitchen (Instrumental Mix)” (Lektroluv 2013)
ROB HES “Love The Enemy (Original Mix)” (Tronic 2014)
GAISER “Bodylost” (Minus 2013)
GTMK (GREGOR TRESHER & MONIKA KRUSE) “Calling East” (Break New Soil 2013)
CORDEROY “Dark Disco” (CDRY 2014)
DANIEL GORZIZA “Discotizer (Original Mix)” (Snork Enterprises 2013)
RYAN DAVIS “Spicyal Sound” (Manual Music 2008)
DEALIRIUM “Weaponized (Weltenwandler Remix)” (Electrophil 2013)
JOINT OPERATIONS CENTRE “Castlevania” (Re*Brand 2014)
JAYDEE “Pulsate” (Ellum Audio 2013)

~ by acidted on November 8, 2014.

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