Even seven levels deep we can still see the stars


Pathways is the new free EP of warm and cold electronica from Slighter.

There are four remixes of this track from his Science of Noise LP. When reviewing the LP I waffled on about this track, saying “the music drops the slightly cold tone found on the rest of the album and replaces it with real warmth and tenderness. There’s a sense  of hope and the opportunity for a brighter future. The only problem is that it’s too short. Extended mix please Mr Slighter.”

The remixes are intended to be club friendly. But none are 124bpm mindlessness. Far from it. best are first and last. First is the Springa remix by Mattias Lindblom of Inkfish. This allows a gradual build of anticipation and emotion before letting Rachel Desilets’ vocal break over the track. Eight minutes of loveliness. Then there’s the first of the Visitor Seven remixes. This does add a proper beat structure but it almost detracts from the track. The Sapiens remix suffers from much the same problem and distorting the vocal is a bit of a no no for me. The other quality track on the EP is the final Visitor Seven remix. The unfairly named DJ Tool remix. DJ Tools are all too often tedious beat only version for the terminally spannered or mixing in and out. But this remix is really the proper ambient rework that the track needs. It takes the tenderness in the track and freezes it into new crystalline forms.

Download whole EP for free (pay what you want) here:





~ by acidted on November 10, 2014.

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