Slighter – Nemesis EP


In films, Nemesis is always the good guy who is going to give the bad guy his comeuppance. I didn’t realise that the name Nemesis is related to the Greek word νέμειν némein, meaning “to give what is due” but the idea of divine retribution is one that we strongly take from the Greeks into our culture. All of which is a long way from drum and bass, which is what Slighter’s other new EP comprises.

There’s none of the subtlety of yesterday’s Pathways EP. This is raw drum and bass. Devil’s Details is an assault from the start with heavy beats and bass before taking a sharp breaks scalpel to it all. Sirens wail and your head explodes. Not for the faint hearted. Hold It offers no respite. Bass dominates, whoops abound and then a death metal bass makes an entrance. Devil’s Detail gets an FT13 remix. This is the pick of the EP, giving the original a bit more edge and depth.

Coming Soon DEFDISCO 2014
Release features remixes by Future Funk Squad & FT 13


~ by acidted on November 11, 2014.

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