Dusk mass


You might remember that at the start of last month we had the first of Max Cooper’s work with jazz musicians on Chronology. This was a real pleasure. Here’s another from that set, with Dusk Mass. It’s made with Kathrin deBoer and Quentin Collins. It’s a much more mood piece than Chronology. Vocals stretched out and languid trumpet.

This is the second track from the Tileyard EP, where I went to a recording studio with some jazz musicians and I played them different tracks which they improvised over. This one was much more of an ambient venture, where I’ve added lots of reverb and delay to Kathrin’s vocal and Quentin’s trumpet, to try and blend them into the airy pads and create a feeling of space.

I added a high end squeal that sounded to me like an army of crickets in a hot country at dusk, hence the name of the track.

The whole EP is out now on gearbox records on vinyl and digital, with the more beat driven a-side, another ambient experiment, and some sort of abomination of a piece of music called theatre of the absurd.

Digital: smarturl.it/chronology
Vinyl: gearboxrecords.wazala.com/products/max…ns%E2%80%A8/



~ by acidted on November 13, 2014.

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  1. Sublime.

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