Max Cooper – Arc


After this morning’s Max Cooper jazz track, a return for Max to more familiar electronica territory with the first in a series of six free downloads.

Arc is an analogue synth-based track. It marks a move back to the bubbling electronica of some of Max’s early work. Think Stochastiche Serie, perhaps. It’s also the child of some of Aphex Twin’s early ambient excursions. There’s a bit of Analogue Bubblebath in here. Synths ripple along, with crisper beats ruffling the analogue calm.

To access the free download, sign up here


Hello, I’m launching a new site dedicated to provide you with new music that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. There will be 6 parts, and every one of them will be free for members of the site.

This first track, called Arc, was one of my first experiments with some new analogue synths recently – the Moog Minituar, and the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08. I wanted to make something smooth and melodic which would work for my club sets, and would be mixable, but nothing too peak time intense, something a little softer. I think the heart of the track really all came down to squeezing the main riff with those lovely analogue filters!

If you would like to download this track, and receive promos of the rest of the new music before it goes public, then just click on the download button on the soundcloud player and all will be explained. In return for your email you will receive all 6 parts of the series for free, and they will not be released on any other platforms.

Thanks to Rabbithole for the excellent art work!


~ by acidted on November 13, 2014.

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