Second Encounter – Port Authority


New one on Parity Records. Good bit of Detroit techno this one from Second Encounter. Three original tracks and three remixes. Plus a free download.

The original mix of Port Authority opens the EP. This sets the standard for the rest to follow. This a classic Detroit techno sound, with echoing bass. Would go a storm on a dance floor. The aspect.dub takes it more into a dub techno direction, with wandering whizzes and hisses. All a bit Basic Channel but not quite settling into a reliable groove.

Ashes Fall is an interesting track. Some straight techno beats morph into a kind of syn-guitar line to give some quality leftfield techno. The remix comes from James P McNamee and is a dull wasted boom boom techno affair.

The final original is Pre Ignition (I’d prefer this be hyphenated). This starts all dub techno before fading into an IDM space. A clever series of changes of pace from the head nodding dub techno to the awkward IDM stylings. The Syphon remix takes away the awkwardness and replaces it with monotone beats.

Go get the originals. Leave the remixes.

The free download is Smokehouse Hold On To Your Dub, a lovely house groover.

D E S C R I P T I O N : Chicago producer James J. Myatt uses his Second Encounter alias on his debut release for Parity. Myatt’s three original tracks as Second Encounter are all roughed-up Detroit techno influenced cuts, which shouldn’t be much of a shocker from a guy who has created banging techno tracks as Distortion Inc. for years. Second Encounter shows off the producer’s deeper side without losing the Midwest warehouse rave vibe in the process. The EP is a great mix of styles with quality originals and supporting remixes from aspect., James P McNamee, and Parity honcho Syphon rounding out the six track EP.


~ by acidted on November 15, 2014.

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