Quiet Nights


Quiet nights are something that become incredibly important when you’ve a child. The experience of and fear in anticipation of broken nights from a small child is something that can drive even the hardest soul to distraction. We’ve been having a few with the return of fear of the dark, meaning the need for accompanied toilet visits and nocturnal visits because “it’s too dark in my room” (despite two night lights).

It eventually passed last year and I hope will pass again. In the meantime, my Sunday needs a gentle start, which happily Catching Flies provides with Quiet Nights. This is his first new stuff in over a year. And a free download to boot. Acoustic guitar gives the whole thing a fragile folk(ish) mood. There are vocals drifting off in the background and the electronics kept down low. Soporific, in the best possible way.

Free download here:

Free download. A track to get you warmed up for my forthcoming EP (February 2015).

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Catching Flies on Spotify: smarturl.it/cfspotify
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~ by acidted on November 16, 2014.

One Response to “Quiet Nights”

  1. I can totally relate. Each night my wife puts our daughter to sleep in her bed, each night, after two or three hours of sleep, I get woken up by the child because she wants to take my place and I end up going to sleep in my daughter’s bed while she sleeps with the wife. And sometimes I even forget to turn off that bloody Peppa Pig doll..

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