Techno is a serious thing


Saw this statement made with all sincerity on t’interweb. Made me laugh as D and I have had this conversation for 20 years and I rather agree with it. Whilst being quite aware of what a pompous prig this makes me. Anyhows, serious techno from Dharma that’s seriously good.

If techno was looking for the future, this still is. Dharma calls it experimental but it isn’t. This is techno as machine music, techno as post-industrialised landscape, and techno as dystopia. This isn’t bucolic. Things rattle and creepy sounds emerge. Excellent. Free download.


~ by acidted on November 16, 2014.

5 Responses to “Techno is a serious thing”

  1. Techno is serious

  2. But it can make me grin too

  3. Note- that was grin not gurn. My gurning days are behind me

  4. But serious about what?


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