Nicola Magalotti – From Brussels EP


Given the continuing problems that all things European seem to give to the UK governing classes (European arrest warrant anyone?), perhaps calling your new release From Brussels isn’t the most tactful thing ever. It’s still three tunes of deep house / nu disco. Out at the start of next year.

The track, For Brussels, is a squiggly disco fetishist when the place itself is pretty dull. Amsterdam is more liberal as a city but the track’s more serious, despite the giggling. Paris is the pick of the three marrying a lovely neo-80s bass line with an all round sense of funkiness.

Not sure whether this new embed system will work but let’s give it a go.

Here’s a live mix for free download

Blurb: Release: 19th Jan 2015 /// Proper Slap Limited starting this new year 2015 with a new member in the family Nicola Magalotti. His January release called ”From Brussels” have a very nice sound, sliding fusions of high quality music. The release include three extraordinary songs from to disco to tech styles. No doubt that this bundle is a new experience added to our label library, without the limitations of culture and sounds.


~ by acidted on November 17, 2014.

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