Red Sky Lullaby – Burst


Red Sky Lullaby is back with an ambient album for free download.

It’s been two and a half years since Red Sky Lullaby’s last album am:pm. That’s a long period of silence from Stuart Kilbride before Burst has emerged. So, I thought we ought to find out what’s been going on and what it’s like making an album on an iPad.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and the origins of Red Sky Lullaby
Red Sky Lullaby was name I chose a few years ago for the chilled electronica stuff I produce. I’ve been making music for many years. Initially I was using hardware but switched to producing on iPad about year and a half ago.

2. How do you find Rochester NY? I think you’re from London originally.
I like Rochester, it is an interesting city. People complain about the winters here (Brass monkey freezing) but I like the more defined seasons. Summer hotter than London, winter definitely colder and snowier. Also Niagara Falls and Canada about an hour away. I do miss the buzz of London sometimes though.

3. It’s been 2 1/2 years since your last album, after what you describe as a ‘dry spell’. How come? Wasn’t kids was it?
Funnily enough I do have an almost exactly 2 1/2 year old.

4. You say the album was written on an ipad. What apps did you use and was it done on the move (like Frequent Traveller)?
The iPad is still viewed (unfairly) by some as a toy in terms of musical production. I am hoping albums like mine will help change that perception. There are amazingly powerful DAWs, Synths and effect plug ins available for a fraction of the cost of their desktop counterparts. iOS has it’s flaws but is developing in to a great platform for music production. There is a great community of iOS musicians out there and it is making music production much more accessible.

It’s great to be able to compose out and about, although I would say I am mainly a bedtop producer.  Apps I used on this album included Samplr, Beatmaker2, iMPC, Thor, Nave and Animoog. But many others too numerous to mention.

5. What do you remember about Ambient Soho?
It was a place I knew was legendary but unfortunately never made it there before it closed down. I sent the owner Rocket Ron a demo to his Worm Interface label many years ago and he was kind enough to release one of my tracks on one of the Ambient Soho Compilations alongside Coldcut and others acts I had grown up listening to.

6. Give us a recipe – either from UK or USA.

As I am not far from Buffalo would have to be this one:

The Burst album (available as name your price) would probably have been called electronica in the 90s. It’s not lie down ambient but neither is it going to make you want to throw shapes. Instead, it brings a slow smile to your face. It’s a deeply accessible album of subtly uplifting sounds. Opener Electro Formant is a perfect example of that. Cyclic Dream something that owes more to the hissing awkwardness of early Worm Interface releases.

Vagueness Squared homes in on a more properly ambient setting, with odd bass keyboard refrains. Sunrise Echo uses gently ascending scales to offer the musical equivalent of waking up all warm and cosy in bed. Fractillion sons puts a stop to that with a jazzy vibe and the nearest to a dance floor tune that the album possesses. You Are Here retains the jazziness with an electronic trumpet and warped electronics. That jazz sense gets taken through to the album closer, Peace Out, with jazz lunge piano and double bass smoothness. Download this album and bring a little warmth into your house.

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