My attorney will be in touch

One of the pleasures of writing a blog is the opportunity to discover new music. Indeed, new and emerging artists is where I’ve let this blog dawdle. I’ve tended to forsake more mainstream artists. But there’s a downside, which is that you can never be quite sure when the copyright police are going to come after you. For better or worse I try to avoid copyright infringement. But it’s really hard to be absolutely certain whether any post infringes. I’ve had whole songs claimed as infringements, which is one thing. Where it gets really difficult is when people claim unlawful use of samples or photographs. I’ve no chance of spotting that. It’s always a depressing moment to get a claim, which almost always comes in the direst of terms and threats of legal action. Hence, no picture with this post.

Meanwhile, here’s a pair of ambient works from Marshall Watson who says they “were made using a Juno 6, Moog Sub 37, Prophet 8, Moog Minifoogers, a guitar and field recordings.” Dunno about the list of synths but The Dream of Time is is something that plays on the fringes of your consciousness. It permeates your being with a slow vibrating hum. The Blooming Fields of Loss is more accessible, being based around some lost piano and delay.


~ by acidted on December 7, 2014.

3 Responses to “My attorney will be in touch”

  1. I had a post removed by blogger recently for copyright infringement with a photograph. Where I had actually give credit.

  2. I really like that.

  3. Sometimes it feels like one’s at war with stupidity and there’s no way one can win.

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